Today was another fantastic early spring day. Other than patchy morning clouds, we saw sunny skies and warmer temps across much of the region. In fact the 61 degree high today in Portland was the warmest so far this season.

Highs Today Metro.png

Tomorrow and Saturday should be similar, with Saturday likely the warmest day due to a warming airmass. Then a cold front moves inland Sunday midday, bringing a much cooler and wet day. So clearly SATURDAY IS THE "OUTDOOR" DAY THIS WEEKEND.

Forecast 3 Day.png

If we get up to around 64-65, that sure wouldn't be a record, those are around 70 or so this time of year. How warm do we get in March? Most years we get into the upper 60s or lower 70s at least once by the end of the month.

March Warmest Temp.png

March has been drier than average...

Portland Rain Last 10 Days EVENING.png

Temperatures have been near normal across the state, a little cool west and warm east.


The temps we have been seeing are about as normal as it gets for the first 1/3 of the month. The green on the chart below is typical temperature range (highs & lows). Red is record high for each day and blue shows record lows.


What a strange "La Niña winter" this has been. Except for 2-3 weeks in mid-late February, the entire cold season has been quite mild. We're clearly out of winter weather now...EXCEPT for the cold showers behind Sunday's system. Snow levels could dip down to around 1,000' late Sunday night and Monday morning...maybe. 850mb temps dip down to around -7 to -8, although models don't show much precipitation. WRF-GFS snowfall forecast has a few inches in the Cascades, but none for the lowlands:


Next week we'll see a mix of dry and wet; not really a long & drawn out cool/wet pattern. Looks like decent March weather to me!

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We just recorded a fun FOX12WEATHER podcast this afternoon. By "we" I mean me plus the other 3 meteorologists here: Anne Campolongo, Jeff Forgeron, & Brian MacMillan. It's full of informative and interesting weather tidbits, plus we answered some of your questions. And my coworkers say I'm being a bit "too controlling" with the forecast. Hmmm...

You can find it in Apple Podcasts or listen straight off the web at this link:

Enjoy the weekend; I'll be back at work Sunday afternoon...

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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