(Meredith/CNN) - A couple went to a fertility clinic for help conceiving a child, but they never expected what came next. After giving birth to a baby girl, the couple said they found out that only one of them is the infant's biological parent. 

Kristina Koedderich and Drew Wasilewski recently filed a lawsuit against the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at St. Barnabas in New Jersey, CBS News reported. The lawsuit alleges Koedderich was given sperm from a man who was not her husband, and the man passed on a genetic blood disorder. 

The couple, now divorced, went to the clinic in 2013. After in vitro fertilization, Koedderich gave birth.  

"It wasn't until the child was 2 years old that she started developing Asian features," the couple's attorney David Mazie told WABC-TV, adding that the couple is white.

Wasilewski later took a DNA test, which concluded he was not the biological father, according to court documents. 

The couple said the confusion and stress ultimately led to their divorce. 

They are now seeking monetary damages from the clinic and information on their daughter's biological father. 

"The court has ordered that the clinic produce to us everybody of Asian decent who donated sperm and was inseminated during the critical times that family was there," said Mazie. "We want to find out who the genetic father is."

The couple also wants to know if Wasilewski’s semen was used for someone else’s IVF treatment.

In a statement to WABC-TV, the clinic said: "This matter involves a private group in litigation. RWJBH does not comment on matters in litigation."

Information from WABC via CNN contributed to this story. 

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