Hot weekend ahead: getting ready for 90 degree temps just around the corner

Image: KPTV

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland continues to break its all-time temperature record as the heat keeps building through the weekend. A new all-time record was set at 112 degrees on Sunday.

Portland first broke its record for hottest day ever on Saturday. At 6 p.m., the official reading at Portland International Airport was 108 degrees. That broke a record of 107, that was hit four different times before. That was in 1965, 1981 and previously on Saturday.

Cooling centers are open around the metro area, but some reported Sunday they are adding extra capacity due to demand.

TriMet announced Sunday afternoon that all MAX light rail service and Portland Streetcar service has been suspended until Tuesday morning due to the heat. Bus service is still operational. It said it will not turn people away who cannot pay for a fare.

Portland also broke the temperature record for June 26 when it hit 103 at PDX just before 4 p.m. That broke the old record of 102 for this date set in 2006.

The FOX 12 weather team is forecasting more record-breaking heat on Monday.

For continuing coverage of this weekend’s record heat wave, click here.

There are also a number of cooling centers open to stay safe during the heat.

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(6) comments


Potland and purgatory, about the same.


trymet shut down their toy choo choo's and they want to build another line destroying local traffic on Barber blvd...

Cat of the Canals

It's so hot... the climate change denial crowd is working overtime today, as they crank up the AC to max. lol


Surprising you didn’t blame Trump.


All Time Record. Really fox12 "All Time" highest since records starting being kept in 1850..

Next fox12 reporting on global warming...

Native Born

Here in Dayton were at 109 & NE puff of a breeze is just beginning. Please everyone be careful of anything that could start any type of fires!! Don`t want to have a repeat of last year. We have a very long... ways to go before the fall rains return.

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