Mult Co Dem Building Vandalized

(Courtesy: Portland Police Bureau)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Three men were arrested Sunday evening following a gathering outside the Multnomah County Democrats building.

Portland police said a group of people gathered in Laurelhurst Park and then started marching north toward Northeast Sandy Boulevard.

When the group reached NE Sandy Boulevard, police said they gathered outside the Multnomah County Democrats building located in the 3500 block.

The building was tagged with graffiti and several windows were broken out by people in the group.

Police said the group then began to leave and head back toward Laurelhurst Park.

As the group was fleeing the area, officers arrived and made targeted arrests.

Three people were arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail:

  • James Walker Prettyman, 24, charged with second-degree criminal mischief.
  • Thomas Mollrocek, 33, second-degree criminal mischief and third-degree escape.
  • Maximillan Jennings, 22, first-degree criminal mischief.

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(11) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

Once was a time when Barney Fife could have carried live ammo. Even in Mayberry.


Boy, everything sure pisses Antifa off. First they use BLM as a cover up. Now they are using Biden. Such white trash. An embarrassment to Portland. What a joke our state became many, many months ago. Poor white trash terrorist will find anything they can to excuse their behavior and our government pats them on the back going "well, it's free speach! Go ahead and bust in a church! Go ahead and beat white people up as you pretend you are black! Go ahead and destroy this city, we're suckers!"

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

How hilarious is this, that the Oregon dems cater to and enable the radical street terrorists, as if they are all on the same team..right? Wrong..those human rodents have no use for you. They're LAUGHING at you. Look what they did to Ted, and did you get a load of the dumbfounded looks on his face when it happened? He couldn't believe it. He actually thought he was going to go out and talk to 'em, and they would treat him as some kind of hero. Oops..go get a new place to live, Ted.

Eliza Cassan

They probably could not read the signs of what building it was


Sweet love seeing leftist buildings vandalized by antifa and blm rioters I guess their boss didn't give them their weekly paycheck for rioting and looting throughout Portland.


Don't mind me, I'm just heating up more popcorn to watch them eat their own for the next four years. Good luck limo libs.




Endorsed by the Biden Harris team


Time to sue the organizers of these events and require them to have a permit to have an event at the parks, like everyone else who would like to have an event in the park.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Sue them for what token amount? Do you honestly believe any of these miscreants actually have any net wealth? What needs to be done, is to investigate and find out who the real money is behind this movement. If it can be tied to Soros or Bloomberg or anyone like that, THEN you've got a lawsuit that's worth bringing.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Yes, George $oro$ IS funding these miscreants, BLM, previous anti-Trump riots, Occupy Wall St. (OWS) and others with his 200 front groups that $upport his agenda of taking down not only this President but this country as well. The evidence is there and makes him a prime candidate for the RICO Act and probably a military tribunal as an enemy combatant working to overthrow the U.S. And there are anti-Trump operatives in the FBI. DHS, IRS, NEA, and other alphabet agencies who work with "the resistance" against a duly elected President.

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