VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – A Vancouver family woke up to flat tires twice in two weeks. And this time, they caught a man on camera slashing straight through them.

The most recent happened on Monday at about 5:15 a.m. Nancy Delgado says both times someone slashed all of the tires on her husband’s truck, and this time, video shows a man also stabbing at one of the tires on her car.

“We’re emotionally drained,” Delgado said. “This whole situation, it’s very sad. It’s very sad that we work so hard for our things and he had to come and just take it away like nothing.”

Down the street, their neighbors have video from about the same time, showing a man in their driveway trying to open their car doors with no luck.

“It makes you feel very uneasy and kind of unsafe and we’re all families here. We all have kids and everything, just makes it unsettling,” neighbor Josh Smith said.

But beyond that, the Delgados seem to be the only ones in the neighborhood with any damage.

And the Clark County Sheriff’s Office said there’s no way to know a possible motive at this point.

“We are, I guess, the minority there so I think we were just an easy target, I don’t know, you know, if it’s not that, I can’t think of anything else,” Delgado said. “But I know there’s no one that has something against us or that we’ve done any wrong to anybody.”

Her husband needs the truck for work, and the tires are custom. In total, the Delgados have now had to buy eight of those plus a new tire for Nancy’s car, costing more than $4,000.

“It’s our pocket to the point that I almost told the kids there’s going to be no Christmas,” Delgado said. She’s working with insurance to see if they can get some money back.

Delgado said the truck is too big to fit in the garage so they’re just hoping this guy is caught and this doesn’t happen again.

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